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Awful Who?

I’ve been making my own clothes for 28 years now. I started making clothes in high school, and it quickly turned into my favorite creative outlet. I studied fashion design in college to further my construction knowledge, and designed custom wedding gowns for  a few years subsequently.  After years of *life* and other happenings, I found my passion in working for and supporting small businesses. In 2017, I took baby steps to creating my own small business and have been taking “mama” steps towards my goal of making it my main income source, ever since. The name Awful Pretty is an oxymoron and describes the conflict of feelings + beauty that are accurate for life! But it really comes from a place of nostalgia, and a love for not taking oneself too seriously. 

 Making things soothes my over analyzing brain and calms my storms. It makes sense of the way I see and experience things and always has an end result. I’ve talked myself off of many ledges by remembering that I have the ability to MAKE things. I love that feeling! Of knowing the things in my beautiful and hard-working brain can result in something new (or reimagined!). I picked clothing as a business because it’s an everyday expressive outlet. I need that! I’m kind of awkward and I often have a hard time making myself fit in. Wearing an expression of who I am gives me a jump off point. A place to start that allows me feel just a little more confident. It’s been an amazing experience to get to share that with others through Awful Pretty! ♥️

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