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Sizing and Fit

I work hard to create fits that are both accurate and comfortable. Use the size chart as a fit guide for your body measurements. That being said- I know (and LOVE) that we are not all built to specific measurements and the sizing numbers may not perfectly match up to what you need! Please message me here with any questions regarding size, comfort, or adjustments. Inclusivity is very important to me; I will always work hard to accommodate as many body types as I can. There are many things that are outside of my level of expertise, but please know that your feedback is valuable to me. I work hard to learn new things, and grow my business by learning what customers need, rather than expecting you to be an industry “standard.” 

Measuring Guide

You will need a flexible measuring tape.  Measure in inches or convert centimeters to inches here.

Bra or no bra?  Decide whether you will be wearing a bra or no bra with the garment, as your bust level and circumference measurement will change with and without a bra.  If you will be wearing a bra, make sure you wear it when you are being measured.  If no bra, ensure you are at least wearing form-fitting clothing and your regular under garments.

Stand upright in a relaxed position with your feet together. Breathe normally, and make sure the tape is comfortably fitted to the body. 

Bust:  to measure your bust, bring the tape around your back and around to the front. Pull it around the apex (or fullest) point of your bust. It should be aligned parallel to the floor, making a straight, horizontal line across both your front and back.

Waist:  your waist is the smallest part of your torso and right underneath your rib cage near your belly button. Make sure the tape is even across the front and back and parallel to the floor.

Hips:  your hip measurement should be taken around the largest part of your hip area. 

Roughly 7-12 inches below your belly button or natural waist.

Body Measurements Size Guide

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