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What Makes My Shop “Worth it?”

Do people really value the handmade aspect, or that it’s a small (okay— single-handedly run by one overworked, underpaid, and still wildly proud human) business, or that it’s made with LOVE??

I’ve had a similar conversation with many people, and when we get right down to it- the answer is a vague but resounding— kind of!

The biggest feedback I get (besides people loving a product), is that they are so happy that they can order something made with small but valuable adjustments. Shortening a hem, or adding a ruffle, or swapping out fabrics. You just can’t walk into a store and do that (unless you’re rather wealthy). How many times have you put on two different sizes of the same thing, only to find you were in between those? How many times have you put on a shirt that is supposed to be long sleeves but they don’t even come to your wrists? Or loved the fit of a dress-if only it didn’t drag the floor?

Buying handmade is like getting the dress and the alterations all at the same time.

And all in about a week longer than it takes when you order something from a big box shop.

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