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Gorgeous silky (but NOT silk! washable rayon-hooray!) "dressing gown" doubles as a pretty jacket layering piece.  Sea Witch is a bright navy background and a boho floral print with coral, olive, gold, turquoise being the primary colors. Housecoats are made of rayon challis, which is a very lightweight and flowing fabric. It has a slightly cooling effect when you first put it on and feels like silk on the skin. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it feels like a vacation to wear.  


Let's talk about length-pictured: 

Ladylike length- pretty, but a little more sensible!  Hits right about at knee length. Measures between 39"-43.5," depending on size


Cheeky! - leaves just the right amount to the imagination  ;)  Hits about 10 inches below natural waist-meant to frame your curves in the most appealing way. I enjoy wearing mine with ridiculous socks and my nothings--bonus: it looks great as a kimono style lightweight jacket OR your new swimsuit cover-up too! Measures between 32"-36.5," depending on size.

**Cheeky length will NOT have pockets (the length cannot accommodate a normal size pocket)**


Midi: hits mid calf, measuring between 47” and 51.5,” depending on size. Really a great full length option if you’re on the petite side!


 Glamourpuss length: This is reminiscent of the dressing robes ladies were wearing in the 70s and early 80s-functional, but also over-the-top.  It feels sexy and just a tad pretentious. On that note-this would be an amazing gift to give.  Or to get-whichever. *Glamourpuss length measures 56"-60.5," depending on size.


Logistics-two roomy front patch pockets that hold your hands, or your keys, or your underwear; removeable belt with inconspicuous side belt loops; wrap front with kimono sleeves that are cuffed for style and stitched in place. 100% Rayon-machine washable on cold setting, hang dry.  Rayon will become mis-shaped in the dryer!  But can handle a hot iron with steam.

Pretty Housecoat in Sea Witch



  • 100% Rayon-machine washable on cold setting, hang dry. With washing machine laundering, please expect about one inch vertical shrinkage. Rayon will become mis-shaped in the dryer! But can handle a hot iron with steam.

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